SAFETY WITH FIREARMS: Memorize the “FOUR CARDINAL RULES” of firearm safety, and treat them with absolute seriousness.




A large percentage of firearms related mishaps occur with “unloaded” guns.

Treat every weapon with the respect of a loaded weapon.

The Safety is a mechanical device that can fail.

The only thing that makes a Firearm safe when handled is the person handling it.




     You must be conscious of muzzle direction the entire time you are touching the gun. If you must pick the gun up or put it down, you must be conscious of where the muzzle is pointed from the very moment when you first touch the gun until the moment when you finally remove your hand from the gun. If you cannot pick the gun up without allowing it to point at something that shouldn’t be shot, don’t pick it up. If you cannot put the gun down without allowing it to point at something that shouldn’t be shot, don’t put it down.




“The hand is quicker than the eye.” You cannot line up your sights faster than you can position your finger on the trigger.




Know what it is, what is in line with it, and what is behind it.

Never shoot at anything you have not positively identified.



Check in with the RSO when you arrive.


     As you approach the Range, be aware of the shooting condition. If anyone is forward of the firing line you can be sure the Range is COLD. DO NOT remove your weapon from your vehicle. You can get out all of the rest of your gear and even get your targets ready during the COLD and then when the range goes HOT all that’s left is to get out your Firearm.


     Do not bring loaded firearms to the range.

If the Firearm is not cased; open its action prior to removing it from your vehicle.

If the Firearm is cased; open its action as soon as it is removed from the case. Magazines out, even if empty.

Be Muzzle Aware when you uncase a Firearm.


ALWAYS keep the firearm unloaded until ready to use


  1. Load your firearm only at the firing line,
  2. Do not carry a loaded Firearm from one station to another,
  3. No more than two Handguns at the firing line at one time,



Other Handguns should be on the bench behind the firing line until needed.


Handle firearms only when the line is hot.


  1. No firearm handling whatsoever while the line is cold.
  2. Firearms will be uncased or re-cased only when the line is hot





  • ALWAYS keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction
  • Do not break the horizontal or vertical safety plane rule; keep your firearm pointed between the sides and top and bottom of the berm.
  • Never allow your muzzle to cross the path of another person.
  • If you notice anything Down Range call a “CEASE FIRE”
  • Anybody can call a “CEASE FIRE”
  • When “CEASE FIRE” is called, ALL Shooters should repeat the command to insure all have heard and comply.
  • “CEASE FIRE” must be obeyed and never questioned
  • “Cease fire” is NOT a clearance to go forward of the firing line.
  • Wait for the line to be called Cold by the RSO.
  • Only the RSO can call the Range Condition Hot or Cold.



Stoppages and malfunctions – keep the muzzle pointed down range, clear or request assistance. Be MUZZLE AWARE.


In the event of a Misfire; wait at least 30 seconds before attempting to clear your firearm. Be MUZZLE AWARE.


Squibs; if it goes pop when it should have gone bang find out where the bullet is: If you hear an audible difference and reduced recoil with the same ammo it is smart to check your barrel clear before sending another round on a possible blockage.


Our intent is that all Bullets fired on OHGC property land on OHGC property and our Range stays Safe and Open so we can enjoy our sport.


No indiscriminate shooting (execute aimed fire only

Willful destruction of club property will not be tolerated)


Eye and hearing protection is required at all times when shooting or at the firing line.

Members are responsible to ensure that their guests follow all range rules.



     If you are going to shoot your carry weapon it is to be handled as any other Firearm brought to the field of fire. It is not allowed to be on your person during a COLD range. If you are not shooting the weapon leave it in your vehicle or it needs to be safe and grounded every time the range is called COLD.


Range “COLD

     The Range is made Cold to allow shooters to go forward of the firing line. All Firearms will be safe and grounded. No one handles a Firearm at all. Magazines may be loaded but no contact with a firearm is permitted. No sight adjustment, no cleaning, no showing another shooter the weapon, no casing or uncasing a weapon.


     This is not a question of someone’s ability to handle a weapon safely. This is a courtesy to those forward of the firing line, that no one handles a weapon behind their back while they are unarmed.  It does not matter if the Firearm is unloaded, the safety is on or if the gun is unserviceable and can’t shoot if you wanted to.


Range “HOT

No one forward of the firing line.

All Firearm handling may commence.


     Please pick up your brass. Try to leave the Range in better condition than you found it.

Remove you target from the cardboard backer before returning it to the cardboard storage locker.


     Check in with the Range Safety Officer when you First get to the Range and be sure to let the RSO know when you leave the Range, if you go to the latrine, the club house for a snack or if you done for the day.


     The Range Safety Officers (RSO’s) are volunteers, interested in keeping the Range Safe as possible so you can enjoy your time shooting without worrying about the other shooters around you. We are there to point out Safety infractions you might not be aware you commit. Handling weapons in the woods while hunting is not the same as in public. Our intent is that all Bullets fired on OHGC property land on OHGC property and our Range stays Safe and Open so we can enjoy our sport.


These Safety Rules have been taken from The NRA Shooter Safety Pamphlet, Col. Cooper’s Handgun Safety and Common Rules from other Shooting Clubs. Not one Rule was written for the Shooters of OHGC alone.